As part of our process, we help you first focus on the big picture of what you want to see happen with your assets, family, business, and charities. We believe that prudent estate planning starts with knowing what is in the hearts of our clients. While our wealth transfer process addresses the goals of maximizing wealth to your heirs and minimizing taxes, we help you address key questions such as:

  • What values are you hoping to support and what outcomes would you like to promote?
  • How much is enough to accomplish these important results?
  • Who is to receive the item or asset?
  • How is it to be given to them?

After we understand your underlying purpose, we then learn the hard facts about your holdings. Working in tandem with you and your other advisors, our team crafts customized solutions to help mitigate transfer taxes, while making sure the provisions in your wills and trusts match what is in your heart. Depending on your specific needs, our plans include:

  • Strategies and tools to identify and project current and future State and Federal taxes
  • Accelerated gifting strategies
  • Life Insurance as a method to financially protect assets and survivors